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In ancient times, snakes were associated with knowledge and wisdom, and in some beliefs they even took on divine forms. In this case, the snake took the form of a functional hanger, which attracts attention with its original form.

This inconspicuous reptile will gladly take care of your guests' jackets or coats. What is more, it will do it stylishly. Its slightly industrial character matches most interiors, which makes it an extremely practical and handy accessory.SNAKE Kleiderbügel schwarz
Kare Design
SNAKE Kleiderbügel schwarz Angebot€19 Regulärer Preis€39
SPROUT Kleiderbügel weißSPROUT Kleiderbügel weiß
SPROUT Kleiderbügel weiß Angebot€79 Regulärer Preis€109
SPROUT MEDIUM Kleiderbügel weißSPROUT MEDIUM Kleiderbügel weiß
SPROUT MEDIUM Kleiderbügel weiß Angebot€79 Regulärer Preis€89
ERDE EUROPA SOLARSYSTEM Aufhänger Angebot€89 Regulärer Preis€109
PILZ-Kleiderbügel Nr. 2 weißPILZ-Kleiderbügel Nr. 2 weiß
PILZ-Kleiderbügel Nr. 2 weiß Angebot€49 Regulärer Preis€59
Pilz-Kleiderbügel weißPilz-Kleiderbügel weiß
Pilz-Kleiderbügel weiß Angebot€49 Regulärer Preis€59
SNAIL SLEEPY Kleiderbügel weißSNAIL SLEEPY Kleiderbügel weiß
SNAIL SLOW Kleiderbügel weißSNAIL SLOW Kleiderbügel weiß
SNAIL SLOW Kleiderbügel weiß Angebot€39 Regulärer Preis€49
HYPNOTISIERENDER Wandhalter aus MessingHYPNOTISIERENDER Wandhalter aus Messing
HYPNOTISIERENDER Wandhalter schwarzHYPNOTISIERENDER Wandhalter schwarz
Practical and beautiful. The FIA ​​hanger will be a decorative accent on the wall in every entrance, bedroom or in any other room, kept in the boho style. The combination of its design and metal painted in brass color makes it in itself a small work of art. It is large enough to fit all jackets, scarves and coats.FILA brass hanger, Bloomingville, Eye on Design
Clothing hanger is an integral part of many rooms that need space for outerwear. Pinnacle is a proposal that will cope well in a boho office as well as a modern hall. The pine wood from which it was mostly made of this piece of furniture was painted so that it could enchant guests as long as possible. A steel connection painted using the powder method allows you to hang large amounts of jackets and sweatshirts.PINNACLE Kleiderbügel weiß
FLAVI hanger black, Dutchbone, Eye on DesignFLAVI hanger black, Dutchbone, Eye on Design
FLAVI Kleiderbügel schwarz Angebot€309 Regulärer Preis€329
LUCIUS hanger black, Dutchbone, Eye on DesignLUCIUS hanger black, Dutchbone, Eye on Design
LUCIUS Kleiderbügel schwarz Angebot€509 Regulärer Preis€539
Mirror LANGRES M rattan, Dutchbone, Eye on DesignMirror LANGRES M rattan, Dutchbone, Eye on Design
LION Ständeraufhänger schwarzLION Ständeraufhänger schwarz
The WIIDEN TIP hanger is a combination of a modern look with a practical and proven form. He draws inspiration from the classic form of a standing hanger and captures it in a new, fresh way. This furniture was made of white -painted metal. The tips are made of wood, which goes very well with the rest. Thanks to a simple form, it works great in a minimalist hall, as well as a Scandinavian office.WOODEN TIP Kleiderbügel weiß