The amazing world of design by Marcantonio

One of the top designers, who often shocks with his extravagant and uncompromising approach to the art of designing furniture and home accessories, is Marcantonio. If, like us, you are interested in design and interior design, and want to learn more about this remarkable artist, go to the rest of the article and explore the world of the Italian designer.

designer lamps Marcantonio Seletti

Who is Marcantonio?

Deciding to introduce the silhouette of Marcantonio, it should be clearly emphasized at the outset that he is an out-of-the-box artist who, through his designs, not only expresses himself, but also makes the interiors of people around the world acquire a unique style.

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba (for that is his full name), was born in 1976 in Italy, more precisely in Massalombarda.

The beginning of Marcantonio's career

Marcantonio has always felt a strong connection to art, resulting in his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. Although his career path initially veered toward theatrical acting, Marcantonio quickly discovered a strong passion for creating design projects. At the same time, he also developed his skills as a sculptor, creating increasingly complex structures.


Marcantonio's inspiration

Even while taking his first steps in a field such as design, it was apparent that his greatest inspiration, and the subject matter he most often reached for, was nature and its relationship with man. Marcantonio values the influence of nature on the surrounding reality and is not afraid to show this in his bold works. The accompanying theme of nature is the dynamism and speed of change that occurs in it. The overtone of Marcanton's creations is not unambiguous, and their interpretation is not the easiest, but it is safe to assume that in his most popular projects, he has included the theme of change and passing, which does not always have to be associated with something negative.

When asked about his motivation for creating his unique products, Marcantonio repeatedly said that his work is mainly about recreating a game he loved as a child, namely imagining objects that he then created himself. This is how his great adventure began, the results of which we can admire today.

What are the characteristics of Marcantonio's designs?

As we mentioned, Marcantonio greatly values closeness to the natural environment. His works try to imitate reality in such a way as to best reflect its beauty - on this basis it could be said that Marcantonio's designs are hooked on realism, but at this point it is also worth noting that his work is full of modern solutions and innovative ideas, which definitely depart from the classic assumptions that characterize the trend of realism.

Furniture and accessories designed by Marcantonio may seem controversial on the surface, but after just a few moments their beauty and references to the surrounding world reach the viewer with redoubled force.

Bird lamp Filicudi armchair Marcantonio
Below you will find a brief overview of some of Marcantonio's most popular designs, which will help to better illustrate what exactly his art is based on.

Turtle Carry Collection

Turtle Carry is a multifunctional turtle sculpture that attracts the attention of even the most discerning connoisseurs of functional art. Thanks to the elegant cushion placed on the tortoise's shell, Turtle Carry can be used both as a decoration, a stool and a mini table to hold essential items. Interestingly, Turtle Carry looks great as a designer book stand.

Marcantonio creates designs inspired not only by broad vegetation, but also by animals and even human bodies. However, his innovative tortoise sculpture is not associated with something unsavory, nor is it an extravagant vision of the artist that only he understands - on the contrary, the smiling tortoise is a completely new approach to designing interior design elements. The elegant form and the way the sculpture of the animal is presented makes it hard not to smile at the sight of it.

Turtle Carry pouf black lamp
Turtle Carry lamp and pouffe from the same collection are the perfect duo for lovers of bold design

Mouse lamp

The Mouse collection is difficult to characterize with a single product, as it includes a series of playful lamps based on mice holding a light bulb in their paws. Depending on the specific product in the collection, the realistically carved mice are in a different position, which only enhances the unusual impression that the Mouse lamp makes on the recipient.

Marcantonio mouse lamps Decorative Mouse lamp will not only improve the mood, but also illuminate the desk or windowsill

Sherwood lamp

Another example that interestingly illustrates how animal motifs are important in the context of Marcantonio's work is the Sherwood designer lamp created for the Queeboo brand. Sherwood is actually a sculpture of a deer, which has been fitted with a light installation placed on its antlers. An interesting treatment is the addition of decorative elements in the form of crystal beads aimed at making the whole structure classy and chic. Thanks to this treatment, Sherwood will fit perfectly into both glamour, modern classic and eclectic styles.

Speaking of Sherwood, it is important to note, first of all, the multipurpose nature of this product - as it can be both a decoration and an element of lighting. Thanks to its impressive size, Sherwood makes it difficult to pass by it indifferently. The lamp is available in three colors: white, black, as well as green.

Sherwood deer lamp
Impressive Sherwood lamp in the shape of a deer native to the world of fairy tales

Filicudi chair

Marcantonio loves nature and it shows in his works - the famous Filicudi chair by him is a perfect example of how much attention he pays to every detail. The Filicudi designer chair is reminiscent of a Mediterranean holiday atmosphere. This chair is perfect for both the dining room and the living room, as it can also serve as a designer armchair thanks to its remarkable design. The inspiration for this design came from prickly pear shoots, which can be seen, for example, in the impressive seat, which forms a coherent whole along with the frame and backrest.

The characteristic shapes of the succulent in question were designed to be not only the most accurate reflection of reality, but also a comfortable product for everyday use. The seat of the chair is perfectly tailored to the needs of the human body, making it really comfortable to use.
Filicudi chair
Filicudi chair with its shape resembles the shoots of prickly pear tree

Decorative lamp My Little Holiday

The My Little Holiday lamp is an item that still follows the standard Marcantonio theme, but its form is slightly different from the products discussed above. In fact, in this case we are dealing with a romantic vision of a tropical holiday encased in a glass dome. Marcantonio says that the inspiration for this design was to capture the carefree nature and relaxation that comes with a paradise vacation.

The dome features palm trees, sand, a house that stays afloat on the water, and even hammocks - all of which combine to create an interesting micro-world that you can return to every time you decide to delve into the My Little Holiday decorative lamp. According to Marcantonio, people need rest and the proverbial release, his answer to these needs was precisely the creation of the My Little Holiday table lamp.
My Little Holiday decorative lamp
The My Little Holiday decorative lamp is part of a remarkable series of lamps

My Moon lamp

If you have ever been bothered by the iconic question of , "how to steal the moon", Marcantonio comes with a ready solution. My Moon is a designer lamp of a sizeable size that will take you straight to the moon. With its unique shape and unconventional design, My Moon will fit right into your bedroom, hallway or even living room - you decide where you want to put it.

My Moon, however, is not just an ordinary lamp - it is a true masterpiece, which is polished to every detail, so as to best reflect the real moon. This is evidenced, among other things, by the structure of the lamp or the placement of the bulb, which illuminates the central point of the product so that streaks of light spread naturally to all corners.

moon-shaped lampThe unusual My Moon lamp will work well both at home and in the garden

Rio lamp

Another decorative lamp inspired by the world of animals is Rio, which is an adorable Jack Russell terrier dog holding a decorative lamp in its mouth. An interesting fact about this product is that Rio is not only a lamp created for the purpose of enhancing the interior design of your home, but also a friend of the family!

Yes, you are not mistaken, well Rio was created on the basis of a dog that really exists. This makes all the details in the body and facial expressions of the sculpture seem even more real. The white sculpture complemented by gold inserts blend together perfectly, giving the impression of a perfect whole. The unique lamp will go well in the home of animal lovers, as well as those who appreciate unconventional design.

dog figure lamp Rio decorative lamp reflects the Jack Russell terrier dog breed.

Peacock lamp

Realism combined with a touch of modernity? That's the designer Peacock lamp, which is an extremely precise sculpture of a peacock made of brass and equipped with a neon "P" shape. The white Peacock lamp is a handicraft by Marcantonio, who, despite its popularity, is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

The process of producing the sculpture is based on hand-crafting a mold characterized by extreme precision and attention to detail, and then making a brass and wax casting. After all the above-mentioned steps, the sculpture is carefully polished so that it looks as good as possible. The decorative Peacock lamp is part of the Instinct Illumination collection.

White Peacock lamp in an unusual arrangement

Monkey lamp

The handmade Monkey decorative lamp will impress you with its precision craftsmanship. Monkey is a collection that consists of several lamps depicting the figure of a monkey in three positions. Each monkey holds an led bulb, so the sculptures also act as a functional lamp.

Marcantonio stresses that when creating the lamps, he imagined a clever monkey stealing the light bulb. The designer wanted to capture the moment when the animal's body would be in the position best suited to the context, while still looking natural. The inspiration for the Monkey designer lamp comes from the complex relationship between humans and other species, based on similarities and differences.

The charming Monkey lamp is available in various poses and colors

Giraffe In Love lamp

An interesting option for fans of non-standard solutions is the Girrafle In Love lamp created in different sizes. A majestic giraffe holds a Maria Theresa-style chandelier in a miniature version. Possibilities to personalize the size of the designer lamp will help to adjust it to individual preferences. Currently, Girrafe In Love is available in as many as four options:

  • XS- definitely smaller than its predecessors, as it is only 100 centimeters high. An interesting design element that will fit into any room.M- is 2.65 meters high. It will work well in almost any home.
  • XL - it is a reproduction of a life-size giraffe. The sculpture reaches as much as 4 meters in height. Great both outdoors and for tall rooms.
  • Wall lamp - this is the wall version of the Giraffe In Love sculpture.
The striking decorative lamp Giraffe In Love is available in several sizes

Bird lamp

Although we have said almost everything about lamps, Marcantonio does not cease to surprise with more and more fanciful designs that reproduce almost every detail. The avant-garde Bird lamp is another design that is hard to pass by indifferently. The Bird Lamp collection includes three ravens, which are captured in completely different positions. Each of them holds a light bulb that will light your way and give your room a unique and sometimes even dark design.

Thanks to its timeless motif of classic ravens, the Bird lamp has gained immense popularity, but it is the quality of workmanship and the materials used to create these charming sculptures that have earned the Bird lamp its critical acclaim.

The decorative Bird lamp reproduces the shape of a raven with remarkable precision

Kintsugi tableware

Marcantonio is not only about decorative lamps with animal motifs, however. Among his considerable artistic output, you can also find beautiful tableware, maintained in a classic style with a subtle twist. Kintsugi tableware includes plates, platters, bowls, mugs and even cups with matching small plates. All pieces are characterized by the fact that they are stylized to look imperfect.

Their design alludes to the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, the unusual art of repairing dishes, which Marcantonio used to create designer tableware. The author applied the art of Kintsugi to prove that nature is unpredictable and creates combinations that no one expected. All the pieces of tableware combine different styles, and they are unified in a peculiar way by the gold elements that mark the boundaries.

The Kintsugi collection consists of many items, such as cups, plates and bowls

Jurassic lamp

Let's return to Marcantonio's design lamps for a moment more and turn our eyes to the decorative Jurassic lamp. Jurassic impresses with its unusual theme and interesting idea for the placement of the bulbs - as they represent a crown or a kind of dinosaur's mane.

As in the case of the Bird designer lamp, or the Monkey lamp, here we also have to deal with dinosaur sculptures in different positions. With such variety, you can decide which dinosaur you like best.

Decorative Jurassic lamp features original dinosaur sculpture

Love In Bloom vase

Love In Bloom is an anatomical reproduction of a heart in the form of a vase. The perfectly preserved shape, as well as the precise workmanship, make looking at the decorative Love In Bloom vase feel as if it were a real heart. The arteries and main veins coming out of the heart are actually the openings for the flowers. Love In Bloom is the perfect gift for your other half or someone who appreciates unique design.

The Love In Bloom decorative vase impresses with its precision craftsmanship.

Where can you find furniture and accessories designed by Marcantonio?

Currently, Marcatonio mainly creates on behalf of third-party brands, such as Queeboo or Seletti. However, there are products that are exclusively signed with his name. Speaking of brands that collaborate with a prominent designer like Marcantonio, it is important to delineate the basic differences between the styles and the subject matter that sets them apart. Although, at first glance, it may seem that the two brands we mentioned have almost identical assumptions, goals and even potential audiences, below you will find some differences that we decided to highlight.

Queeboo - unique design from global designers

Queeboo is a brand producing designer furniture and home accessories, which brings together world-renowned designers (including Marcantonio). The main feature of their products is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy - which can be seen, among other things, in the patterns that the Queeboo brand has decided to use in its latest collection.

Among the most common motifs you can find animals (including rabbits and forest animals). It is also worth noting that the products coming out from under the wings of the brand have a very wide range of colors, which is primarily aimed at enlivening interiors.

Bold combinations, both in terms of color and form, make it so that with each passing day, the brand is gaining recognition and a wider and wider fan base.

Giraffe In Love white qeeboo lamps

Seletti - Italian design with a touch of avant-garde

Classic and modern - there are no better words to describe the Seletti brand in such a simple and blunt way. The brand is based primarily on iconic, historical patterns in a completely new edition. Seletti's main theme is evolution and a process that aims to show the mechanism of change. Thanks to this innovative approach, Seletti is now one of the most respected brands involved in interior design.

As with Queeboo, animal motifs by Marcantonio are not hard to find here either.

Lamoy Monkey white Seletti

If you like the Marcantonio designs we've introduced you to in this article, check out the other items by him available in our store.

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