Qeeboo - an Italian brand with an extraordinary personality

Qeeboo is a brand founded by Stefano Giovannoni. Giovannoni is currently one of the most respected and sought-after designers, who enjoys not only great fame, but also recognition. He has won a number of prestigious awards and accolades such as Design Plus, Forum Design, ISH award in 2003, Good Design Award 2010, as well as New York Interior Design 2012. Although they are not an indicator of his work, it is safe to say that the awards are a kind of honor to his unique taste and unconventional approach to designing furniture and home accessories.

Qeeboo Stevano Giovanni modern furniture

Everything you need to know about the Qeeboo brand

Giovannoni decided to create a company that is not for profit, but for design freedom that will allow him and other world-renowned artists to express themselves by creating unique products. Giovannoni himself says that Qeeboo was established to bring together thought, vision and, above all, emotion. The juxtaposition is intended to create an atmosphere in which artists and designers working with the brand feel at ease and comfortable. According to Giovannoni, only then are true masterpieces created. 

Decorative lamp white in the shape of a giraffe Qeeboo
Unusual Giraffe in Love decorative lamp in white

The goal behind the Qeeboo brand is to create products inspired by people's stories. Custom design, which is the result of mixing together pop, classical, as well as individual improvisations on a given theme, has meant that Qeeboo is now inspiring other brands not to lock themselves into a rigid framework. 

Who is Stefano Giovannoni?

Speaking of the Qeeboo brand, it is worth introducing the figure of its founder a little more. Giovannoni began his career in the world of interior design already in college. Almost from time immemorial he was interested in designing and creating aesthetic structures. Therefore, no one was surprised that he decided to study architecture. His choice fell on Florence.

Modern Filicudi Qeeboo chair
Modern Filicudi chair in green color

Giovannoni was good at what he did, thanks to which he was quickly noticed by the staff. This is how he got his start as a lecturer. His outstanding projects quickly became recognized, and he began teaching at other universities as well (including the University del Progetto di Reggio Emilia and the University of Genoa). 

Over the course of his career to date, he has had the opportunity to create not only individual designs signed with his name, but also take part in numerous collaborations with brands such as Simens, Samsung, Fiat, L'oreal, Magis, Nestle, Lavazza, NTT, Pulsar, Artsana. As a versatile designer, in addition to applied design, he is also involved in architecture and interior design.

Rabbit chair Qeeboo
Striking Rabbit chair in gold with Rabbit doorstop in black

What distinguishes Giovanonni from other world-famous designers is first and foremost his sublime sense of humor, which can easily be seen in almost every product of his design. In addition to his characteristic playfulness, his designs conceal something else - a soul and extraordinary precision that delights every design lover

Paris table lamp black Qeeboo
Decorative Paris table lamp in black color

Qeeboo brand philosophy

As we mentioned, the main goal of the Qeeboo brand is to create products inspired by the natural needs of people. It is people, their stories, their needs and their character that is the biggest inspiration for the brand's founder. Qeeboo focuses on originality and original design. Although at first it may seem that the products in their collection rely mainly on loose and unrestrained form, it is worth clearly emphasizing that all the people working on the creation of their range pay special attention to rigorous care and precision workmanship.

Cherry Qeeboo modern pendant lamp
Cherry designer pendant lamp in black color

All modern furniture and accessories from Qeeboo are meant to arouse emotions in their customers, and make them surround themselves with a uniquely arranged space. Qeeboo products differ from classic design with an innovative vision - they are a bridge between reality and the mysterious world of imagination. Despite the distinctive design, all the components of the collections offered by Qeeboo are unusual, but their premise is versatility - in practice, this means that their products will work well in almost any style. Extravagant designs are often contrasted with subdued colors achieving the effect of universality. 

Qeeboo brand's Italian roots

The Qeeboo brand was founded in Milan, and that is where its headquarters are still located today. The location of this place is no coincidence, as it is the very center of the unique neighborhood that is Tortona. What you should know about the Tortona neighborhood is that during the fair it turns into an exhibition full of innovative items, fashion accessories, modern furniture and also the latest design trends. The Qeeboo brand's flagship store is located at 27 Crocefisso Street, but you can also find all of the products on offer from this unique brand at Eye on Design

Qeeboo modern black decorative lamp

Fallen Chandelier decorative lamp in black

Designers working with the Qeeboo brand

In addition to the brand's founder Stefano Giovannoni, other design personalities collaborate with Qeeboo, who try to give a unique character to a space with their designs. Elegant finishes, inspiration from the natural environment, as well as the exposure of different views on art are just some of the elements you may notice in Qeeboo's modern furniture, lighting and accessories.

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Marcantonio is an out-of-the-box artist who not only expresses himself through his designs, but also makes the interiors of people all over the world take on a unique style. Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in 1976 in Italy, specifically in Massalombarda. He has always felt a strong connection to art, resulting in his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. Although his career path initially veered toward theatrical acting, Marcantonio soon discovered a strong passion for creating design projects. At the same time, he also developed his sculpting skills, creating more and more intricate designs. Today, his greatest inspiration is nature and its impact on humans. Together with the Qeeboo brand, he has created many inspiring designs that are difficult to pass by indifferently. 

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba

Job Smeets

Job Smeets is a sculptor and designer who in 1988 decided to establish Studio Job, which almost immediately became a highly recognizable center of unique design based in the Netherlands. Job Smeets, in duo with Nynke Tynagel, focuses on the combination of tradition and modernity, which can be seen in almost every project. A recognizable feature of the designs is the detail and the great attention paid to even the smallest elements. Job Smeets loves to experiment with 2D and 3D forms. His extravagant approach to art is revealed, among other things, through the use of a distinctive style taken straight out of a cartoon.

Job Smeets

Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi, like Stefano Giovannoni, completed his architectural studies in Florence. However, he quickly moved to Milan to pursue his design career. He currently still lives in Milan, where he creates, as well as teaches and takes a position as head of product design at the Polytechnic University. From 1964 to 1974 he was a member of Archizoom Associates and later co-founded Domus Academy, receiving the "Compasso D'Oro" award for lifetime achievement in 1987. He is the author of several books on design history and theory.

Andra Branzi

Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten has definitely earned the title of one of the best designers in Europe. The artist from the Netherlands graduated from The Design Academy Eindhoven in 1991 and established his own studio. He now specializes mainly in product design, but his studio also offers complex interior designs. 

Richard Hutten

Dai Sugasawa

Dai Sugasawa is a designer from Japan who has his own design and architecture agency. Interestingly, his current place of residence is Paris. Dai's designs are known and appreciated around the world, as evidenced by his numerous collaborations with personalities such as Philippe Starck. 

Dai Sugasawa

Examples of Qeeboo's products

Among our wide range, you will find products that have come from the pen of artists working for Qeeboo. We are well aware that the interior should reflect the personality and sense of beauty of the people who inhabit it - get to know Qeeboo products and invite Italian expressionism into your home. 

Giraffe in Love decorative lamp

An unusual design by Marcantonio, it can prove to be a perfect addition to your home. With its interesting form and customizable size, the Giraffe in Love lamp will work well in almost any interior. The giraffe sculpture comes with a designer Maria Theresa-style chandelier in miniature. Marcantonio likes to play with form while referring to natural motifs. In this case, he decided to create a product that is not only a decoration for the home, but also an object for everyday use. 

Giraffe in Love decorative lamp
Giraffe in Love standing lamps in white

Turtle Carry Bookcase

The beautiful as well as unusual Turtle Carry book cabinet delights with its original form. The sculpture of an adorable turtle by Marcantonio is able to hold not only books on it, but also other items you want to display. Turtle Carry is a unique collection, in which the sturdy tortoise carapace can also serve as a pouffe, a flower pot, a modern coffee table, or just a book cabinet

Turtle Carry Bookcase
Modern Turtle Carry bookcase in black

Tom lamp from the Golden Brothers collection

An elegant lamp with gold elements is the perfect addition to a modern or eclectic interior. The Golden Brothers collection, designed by Qeeboo brand founder Stefano Giovannoni, is characterized by precision, elegance and funkiness. When lit, soft light is reflected on the plastic silhouette, enhancing the fluidity of the silhouette.

Qeeboo Golden Brothers decorative table lamp
Golden Brothers collection of unusual table lamps

Cherry pendant lamp

Cherry designer ceiling lamp will give your room a distinctive, fairy-tale style. The lamp will catch the eye of every visitor, and its unusual design will be the icing on the cake in your interior. This unusual design was created from recycled materials.

Cherry designer pendant lamp
Cherry pendant lamp with green chair Filicudi

Let's Dance round rug

Let's Dance is a designer rug designed by Nynke Tynagel depicting the footprints of participants in a crazy jam session. The mix of different prints and colors creates an original composition. The rug was designed to blend into the space and give a magical and surreal feel to the environment.

Qeeboo Let's Dance modern carpet
Designer Let's Dance rug in arrangement with Rabbit chair, Rabbit Tree table and Primitive shelf

We hope that the history and folios of the Qeeboo brand appealed to you. If so, don't wait a moment longer and check out Qeeboo's offer in our store right now!

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