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Article: Scandinavian style - what are its characteristics?

Scandinavian style - what are its characteristics?

Scandinavian style - what are its characteristics?

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has become one of the most popular interior trends. It owes its popularity primarily to simplicity, coziness and the most important - functionality. However, when deciding to furnish your home in Scandinavian style, it is important to remember some of the most important principles to follow when arranging interiors.

1 - Genesis of Scandinavian style

As you can easily guess, the Scandinavian style originated in the northern part of Europe. It was in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark that prominent designers decided to combine comfort with elegance, creating in the process one of the most admired, and therefore also the most widely used interior styles. It is worth noting that the way Scandinavians arrange their interiors is directly connected with their lifestyle and approach to the surrounding world.

This is because Scandinavians follow the philosophy of hygge, which freely translated means "coziness" and comfort.

beige corduroy sofa
Beige sofa upholstered with corduroy will find a great place in the Scandinavian style living room

Hygge is called a philosophy of happiness, because people who live according to this trend try to celebrate every moment in a way that fits the given reality. Hygge directly connects to the so-called work-life balance, which is about properly planning time so that work is not the main part of life, but is an integral part of it.

The Danes, the nation responsible for the creation of the Hygge philosophy, emphasize that it is a multidimensional word that can have different meanings depending on the approach and context. However, when it comes to interior design in accordance with the tenets of this trend, it is worth emphasizing the great role of the atmosphere of tranquility, intimacy and comfortable finishes, which are intended to put the residents in a state of relaxation and relaxation. To this end, it is worth taking care of pleasing textures and additions in the form of candles, which will warm up the entire room. Therefore, it can be concluded that the designers responsible for creating this aesthetic were only responding to the needs of the residents.

Scandinavian style kitchen
Green glass candle holders from HKliving collection complement Scandinavian-style dining room

2 - Creators of Scandinavian style

Some of the most popular designers responsible for promoting and spreading the Scandinavian style in Europe, as well as the world, include Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen.

Hans Wegner, who was one of the main creators of Danish modernism, began his design career at the age of 14. It was then that he began training with master carpenter H. F. Stahlberg. It quickly became apparent that the young Wegner had a unique talent for working with wood - perhaps his work with Stahlberg translated into his later love of the material.

Hans Wagner

Wegner has said almost all his life that he strives to create the simplest possible and functional designs based on the beauty of natural materials. His main objectives include simplifying forms, limiting extensive ornamentation and introducing the so-called interior cleaning process.

Interestingly, Hans Wegner is best known for the chairs he designed. Throughout his life, he managed to create more than 500 chair designs, which still delight world-renowned designers today. Today, Wegner's works can be seen at the Museum of Modern Art located in New York or the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, among others.

3 - Types of Scandinavian style

Although Scandinavian style is extremely popular (especially in Europe), few people realize that there are several types of Scandinavian style. This diversity is primarily due to the different needs of the community (after all, the concept of Scandinavia includes as many as 3 countries). Despite the many similarities and common features, it is also easy to see distinctive elements appearing only in a particular way of interior design. 

elegant scandinavian living room

Danish style

The most popular as well as the most common type of Scandinavian style is the Danish style, which we mentioned above when introducing Hans Wegner's character. Danish style is distinguished by maximum simplicity. All design elements in the Danish style are very carefully thought out and functional. In addition, it should be mentioned that furniture and accessories maintained in the spirit of Danish minimalism, are also characterized by extraordinary design and excellent quality.

While we are at it, it is worth emphasizing the huge role of quality, because it is the very essence of the Danish style. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the furniture will look great and serve its purpose even after many years. 

Danish minimalism has become a symbol of functionalism, excellent design and exceptional precision.

elegant danish interior
Danish style table. Distinguished by its distinctive wooden texture and natural finish referring to the lifestyle of the Danes

Dark Nordic style

The next type of Scandinavian style that deserves attention is the so-called dark Nordic, which, unlike the classic Danish style based on a light color palette, is characterized by the presence of black, navy blue, as well as dark shades of gray. Despite these innovations, all the elements in this style further maintain color consistency, and the materials used in the production of furniture maintained in this aesthetic are of natural origin.

Dark Nordic style furniture structures are usually created from wood.

black dark nordic dresser
Black dresser designed in dark Nordic style. It is made of high quality oak wood and stainless steel  

Japandi style

Although the Japandi style, is a kind of hybrid, that is, a combination of two styles, we think that it is nevertheless worth mentioning. First of all, it should be noted that it is a contemporary variation on the Scandinavian style, which is based on its key assumptions such as:

  • Consistency,
  • Simplicity,
  • Order,
  • Natural materials,
  • High quality.

Interior design trends change very quickly, but when it comes to Scandinavian style and its offshoots, a theory can be advanced that it belongs to the classics, which from time to time return in a completely new or traditional form. All because of the universal patterns that work perfectly in almost every corner of the world.

To decorate an interior in the Japandi style, choose furniture that is economical in form, without bent legs or patterned fronts. You should also pay attention to items with rounded shapes and smooth fronts. Choose upholstery devoid of quilting and stitching.

The Japandi style will work best with furniture in wood tones or white.

japandi style armchairs
White armchairs upholstered with boucle fabric in Japandi style 

Scandi boho style

Like Japandi, scandi boho is also a mix of two styles. This offshoot of Scandinavian style is characterized by a subdued color palette, spare shapes, and the presence of natural materials (both in the context of furniture and accessories) such as wood, wicker, linen, cotton, rattan or jute. 

When planning a scandi boho style interior, it is also worth ensuring the presence of plants and floral motifs.

scandi boho style closet
Designer scandi boho style closet

4 - How to decorate the interior in Scandinavian style?

After reading this article, you are certainly well aware of what the Scandinavian style is characterized by, now it's time for practical tips that will make your home fit perfectly into a particular aesthetic.

Scandinavian style colors

The first step toward a Scandinavian-style home is to remember that its main purpose was to accommodate the needs of its inhabitants. Scandinavia is an area with so-called polar nights and days, and as a result, the community there often has to deal with a shortage of sunshine, and vitamin D.

This is mainly why the interiors of houses decorated in Scandinavian style are usually kept in bright colors. Among the most frequently mentioned colors referring to the Scandinavian style are traditional whites, beiges (in various shades), as well as grays.

beige Scandinavian style sofa
Folding sofa in beige color will perfectly complement the Scandinavian living room

Natural materials of furniture and accessories

Residents of the Scandinavian Peninsula also appreciate contact with nature, so in their homes there is no shortage of furniture created from materials such as wood or stone. It's also worth remembering about accessories: when choosing textiles for your home, bet on products made of cotton, linen or wool. Interestingly, both Swedes, Norwegians and Danes pay a lot of attention to crockery. Tableware is most often ceramic, and their design makes utilitarian items also decorative..

rattan armchair in Scandinavian style
Rattan armchair will work well in the living room or bedroom

Functionality and convenience above all

Being on the topic of dining room furnishings, it is also worth noting that both the dining room and the kitchen are practical rooms, so when planning them, the main focus should be on making them functional and as comfortable as possible. Scandinavia is a place where caring for the environment is a very important part of everyday life, so recycling, as well as recycled furniture or ornaments, is very popular there. Mostly, however, people living in these areas, choose high-quality products that serve them for several years.

Scandinavian style wooden table
Striking sungkai wood table in Scandinavian dining room


We hope that thanks to this article, you already know where Scandinavian style comes from, what are its features and what to follow when decorating an interior in this style. If you need more inspiration, take a look at our Scandinavian collection.

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