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Article: Feng shui - create an interior full of good energy

Feng shui - create an interior full of good energy

Feng shui - create an interior full of good energy

If you dream of a harmonious and, above all, functional interior, you've heard about feng shui at least once. Although this exotic name has gained popularity in recent years, many people are still not fully aware of what exactly is feng shui and what is its phenomenon? You will find the answer to this and many other questions in the article below.

zielona sofa pikowana do salonu
The green Mamaia corner sofa in an arrangement with live plants is a guarantee of positive energy

The genesis of feng shui

The first mentions of feng shui appeared in Asia, and more specifically in ancient China. The reason why feng shui was created at all is primarily an attempt to define how to create the perfect space. Speaking of an ideal space, it should be emphasized that we are talking about the best possible interior development, so that it is not only functional, but also compatible with the natural environment.

The very mysterious-sounding name of feng shui derives from two pictograms, which in direct translation mean wind and water, i.e. two elements that, despite their existence, are completely invisible, and basically transparent. It is a metaphor for the elusive. It is similar with the energy on which the whole art of feng shui is based. The main assumption of feng shui is harmony and coherence of the environment in which one lives. According to this philosophy, the house or apartment should be arranged in such a way as to best reflect the nature of the surrounding nature.

The philosophy of feng shui

One of the most important elements of feng shui is energy. The main task of the household is to provide it with the best possible conditions for its flow. According to the feng shui philosophy, maintaining energy balance allows for better functioning of the body, as well as maintaining inner peace. An interior decorated in accordance with the principles of feng shui is simply functional, which in turn has a direct impact on the quality and satisfaction with life.

 figurka beżowa dekoracyjna

Decorative figurine in the shape of a beige yogi

The principles in question determine, first of all, the way of dividing the place into individual spheres that are to affect the overall functioning at home, as well as aspects such as love, financial well-being, and happiness at work.

Decorate your home in harmony with feng shui

In order to plan a space that will be optimal for living, a so-called bagua map is applied to the plan of the house or apartment, the purpose of which is to indicate the places that have a positive and negative impact on the household members as precisely as possible. This is especially important in a situation where the person does not feel comfortable at home. The bagua net also allows you to plan the most favorable places for work, rest or family life. It is on this basis that the space for rooms such as an office, bedroom or living room is designated.

When talking about the bagua map, it is worth mentioning its graphic representation. The word bagua itself refers to an octagon that has been broken into eight equal pieces. The particular fragment corresponds to one of the trigrams defined by feng shui masters as the sphere of life. These include: career, knowledge, children, family, marriage, health, wealth and money, fame, as well as the helpful people we meet on our way. Furniture and its arrangement are also important in the whole project, which will be discussed later in the article.

As you have already noticed, in the philosophy of feng shui the energy and principles that will help you tame it are leading. Below we have prepared a collection of the ten most popular principles of arranging an interior in accordance with feng shui.

1. Yin & Yang

Almost everyone has heard about Yin and Yang. These are two extreme energies that argue, but at the same time are their perfect complement. By combining seemingly completely different colors or objects, you can create a coherent whole that will delight with its form. Yin and Yang symbolize activity and passivity, i.e. behaviors that at first glance have nothing to do with each other, but after a while you can easily find a common link in them.

yin yang

2. The principle of the five energies

These principles are directly related to the above-described Yin and Yang method and are a kind of complement to it. According to the philosophy of the five elements, there are five energies that are represented by the well-known elements such as:

  • Water that symbolizes birth and death;
  • Tree, a synonym for childhood;
  • Fire as a metaphor of youth;
  • Earth signifying maturity;
  • Metal that is the crown of life, old age.
    All these elements compete with each other and complement each other at the same time. According to this principle, wood "feeds" fire, fire creates earth, earth contains metal, metal absorbs water, and water in turn gives life to the tree.

    3. Chi energy

    Chi is called life energy due to its properties. Chi energy manifests itself through the phenomena of nature, and the best moment to observe it is a storm. According to this philisophy, the flow of Chi covers the entire universe, therefore the Chi energy is present in almost every element of the environment.

    4. Movement (flow)

    According to the feng shui philosophy, energy is an entity that is constantly in motion. As energy is always in circulation, it means that it is not only in the natural environment, but also in man. It is therefore a success to create an interior that will be compatible with the energy hidden in a given person.

    5. Entrance to the house

    In feng shui philosophy, each part of the house is equally important, but the entrance to the house deserves special attention. Why? Well, the entrance should be large and spacious, because it is a symbol of the beginning. This space should not be restrictive or too dark, as it can disturb the flow of energy, which will ultimately result in dissatisfaction and a feeling of unfulfilling.

    drewniana ławka do przedpokoju skandynawska

    The Jax wooden bench is a great complement to a hall designed in accordance with the feng shui philosophy

    6. Lots of sunlight

    Sunlight is an extremely important element in any home or apartment. It is not only an excellent source of vitamin D, but also makes the rooms look much better. The natural source of light makes the household members gain good energy. Bearing in mind the influence of light on energy stimulation, it is worth ensuring that the rooms such as the living room, dining room or kitchen are well exposed to sunlight. Following this path, the bedroom may be located in the northern or eastern part.

    7. Natural materials

    The use of natural materials for interior finishing is quite a popular trend not only among feng shui fans. Thanks to the use of materials such as wood, rooms become much more cozy. As for the connections with the discussed philosophy, it should be mentioned that the more connections with nature there are in a given room, the better it will have energy. Therefore, it is worth not only taking care of the quality and origin of the materials, but also putting on house plants.

    Jadalnia w stylu boho

    Designer sungkai Pillar table combined with chairs and rattan lamp

    8. Gifts from people who are not present in your life

    At first, it may seem that gifts received from people who have passed away for various reasons are just items. According to the principles of feng shui, these types of elements can disturb the flow of energy and even cause unwanted energy to appear in the home. To avoid this type of trouble, you should get rid of any gifts given to you by someone you are not in touch with.

    9. Dried flowers

    Feng shui is an art whose task is to take care of almost every sphere of life. According to this philosophy, dried flowers have a negative impact on the love life, so it is not recommended to keep them at home.

    Srebrny wazon Stoff Nagel

    Stoff Nagel vases in combination with live flowers will create a magical atmosphere in any interior

    10. Order

    A very important aspect in the philosophy of feng shui is order and the reigning order. Aesthetic and, above all, clean interior allows you to better organize your living space. What's more, a tidy apartment helps you stay focused, and this in turn directly translates into efficiency during work.

    Colors and hues in feng shui - how to choose them?

    In feng shui, almost everything is related to the energy of Yin and Yang, so it should come as no surprise that in this case too, the colors are divided into those that reflect Yin and those that are supposed to represent Yang. Combining them will help you and keep harmony and peace. Among the Yin colors, white, black, green, sky blue, brown are distinguished. These are the so-called soft shades. Yang colors are red, yellow, and orange. When deciding to use a specific color, it is worth remembering that its advantage is associated with the domination of a given energy. If, on the other hand, you want the energy in your home to be under control, try to control it with a combination of colors.

    Meble do home office

    The Wire golden chair is perfect for a home office

    Designing a home office is the perfect moment to think about how to organize a space conducive to work and study. In this type of room, it is worth using Yang colors, the purpose of which is to stimulate and ensure faster movement of energy. They want to decorate a bedroom that will be a place for rest and evening relaxation, but it is worth limiting these types of colors and focusing on the colors from the Yin palette.

    Arranging a living room in accordance with feng shui principles

    Arranging the living room is a particularly important task as it is the main meeting place for both household and guests. An important issue is the arrangement of windows in the living room - if you are at the stage of building a house, make sure that the windows are not placed opposite each other and against the door. If, on the other hand, you live in an apartment or a house that was built against this principle, you can use blinds or divide the space with furniture, plants or screens. An interesting idea may also be to use one of the remedies (for example a bell or a frog figurine).

    The arrangement of the living room should be gradual, and the room itself should be painted in one of the warm shades of yellow or orange. Of course, this is only a suggestion, but these types of colors are particularly desirable in accordance with the principles of feng shui. The main purpose of the living room is to provide the household members with a place to rest and relax.

    Narożnik z funkcją spania beżowy do salonu

    Moghan corner sofa in beige color

    According to the feng shui philosophy, the main element of the living room furnishings is a sofa or an armchair. They should determine the entire rhythm of the room, which is why the interior is most often built around this furniture. Both armchairs and sofas or corners should not have sharp shapes, and RTV equipment should be in a place that is easy to hide, for example in a closed cabinet.

    Arranging the bedroom according to the principles of feng shui

    Contrary to the living room, a bedroom arranged in accordance with the principles of feng shui is primarily to support the production of melatonin, which is responsible for a good sleep. The arrangement of the bedroom should soothe and stimulate the senses, so it is worth using soft materials and avoiding metal frames. Because metal causes energy to accelerate significantly, which in turn interferes with the work of the senses. If you want to buy a bed, you should pay attention not only to a high-quality mattress, but also to the material from which the frame is made. Wood is the best choice.

    nowoczesne łóżko do sypialni beżowe

    Sunset designer bed in a cozy arrangement

    Decorating a bedroom is not an easy task and everyone who has had to face this task at least once has found it out, but thanks to the principles of feng shui, you get an interior perfect for relaxation and rest after a hard day. Interestingly, in a bedroom decorated in accordance with feng shui, there should be no mirrors. Mirrors are able to evoke strong, sometimes even undesirable energy that is released during sleep.

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