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Article: Chairs for the dining room - how to choose the perfect one?

Chairs for the dining room - how to choose the perfect one?

Chairs for the dining room - how to choose the perfect one?

When decorating your dining room, one of the most important choices you'll face is choosing the right chairs. Although at first it may seem that buying chairs for the dining table is not a demanding task, it soon turns out that the appearance of the interior, as well as the comfort of you and your loved ones, depends on them. If you have plans to rearrange your interior and are looking for comfortable chairs with a unique design, learn some practical rules that will make your choice easier.

Dining room in glamour style green chairs
Green chairs in a luxurious arrangement

1 - Why are chairs a staple of the dining room?

Well-chosen chairs are probably the most important element of the dining room right next to the table. Elegant, in glamour style, modern maintained in the climate of modern classic, or perhaps modernist in the trend of minimalism - regardless of which of the above proposals you like best, you need to know that it is the chair that determines your comfort, as well as the functionality of the dining room.

Although it is the table that statistically occupies the largest space in the entire room, it is difficult to imagine a dining room without chairs - they should be matched not only to the style of the interior, but, above all, precisely to the table. If you already have a dining table that has stolen your heart, the main priority will be to choose chairs that will complement it. By this we mean, first of all, to match these two elements in terms of dimensions. If the purchase of the table is still before you, you can chairs first.

An interesting option may also be the purchase of a set, consisting of chairs and a table, from the same collection. This solution will provide you with visual consistency and a perfect match. If you want to bring a bit of freshness into your home, or you appreciate unusual combinations - bet on designer chairs that delight with their unusual aesthetics.

upholstered dining room chairs
Decorative art deco chairs at a round table

One of the first elements we pay attention to when buying chairs is, of course, the appearance. Interesting aesthetics and unique form are factors that catch the eye. However, it is also worth considering functionality and precision of manufacture. Why is this so important? Well, as you can easily guess, even an exceptionally aesthetic chair will not meet your expectations if it is uncomfortable or impractical. Above all, the ideal chair should be chosen according to your needs.

2 - How to match chairs with the table?

When deciding how to buy chairs to match the table, the first thing to consider is the dimensions of the table. It is the width, as well as the length of the table that determines the number of chairs you will need to buy. Statistically, one chair is about 60 centimeters wide - on this basis you can easily estimate how many chairs will fit at your table. To be 100 percent sure, it's a good idea to take precise measurements.

grey dining room chairs
Designer Hug chairs in grey by the modern Atlas table

When choosing chairs, pay attention to the size. After all, you may find that a particular model stands out from the rest not only for its excellent design, but also for its width. Any non-standard size should be treated on an individual basis. There is a possibility that the size of the chairs will make them look less favorable than we initially assumed. Chairs that are too massive will not go well with a minimalist table with distinctive, delicate shapes.

Seat height

The right height not only ensures freedom when eating meals, but also the comfort of the chairs. It is worth knowing that a chair that is too high limits the amount of possible movement, which directly translates into reduced comfort. A chair that is too low will make eating at the table or reaching for something can be significantly limited. The optimal size of the chair is determined by the height of the seat calculated from the floor. It is assumed that the seat should be about 50 cm above the floor - however, if you are planning a custom arrangement, try to find the ideal size based on exclusion. To do this, it is best to test chairs of different heights to identify a favorite.

designer dining room wooden table gray chairs
Impressive Dam chairs at wooden table Cep

Backrest height

Another important dimension when choosing dining chairs is the height of the backrest. The chair frame should provide support for the spine, and a relatively long time is spent at the dining table. That is why it is worth ensuring that the backrest is comfortable and allows you to assume the best possible position. An extremely high backrest that is extra disproportionate may not only be impractical, but also disrupt the harmony of the interior.

Seat depth

Comfortable use depends not only on the height of the seat, but also on its depth. A shallow seat will cause the entire weight of the seat to be based on the legs, and this has a direct effect on the fact that prolonged sitting can be uncomfortable and even tiring. The reverse is not good either, as the feet are unable to touch the ground, and the body assumes an inappropriate posture. So how do you choose the optimal seat depth of your dream chair? It turns out that the best depth is one in which about ⅓ of an adult's thigh extends beyond the seato.

Materials used in production

High-quality materials are one of the most important qualities of any piece of furniture. This applies to both chairs and other everyday products. Whether you bet on materials of natural origin, such as wood or rattan, or other semi-finished products (for example, metal), make sure they are of good quality. These are what affect the durability of the chair, as well as its ability to withstand all sorts of external factors.

wooden dining table
Spike armchair by the wooden table Dustin

3 - When design meets functionality

Having discussed the technical parameters of a well-chosen chair, we can move on to its design. The appearance of a chair is as important as its quality. This is not surprising, since design is largely what determines how your space will look. If you like to follow the latest trends, try combining current fashions with timeless classics - this combination will give you a look that will never get old.

For this, you should bet on tried-and-true fashions or traditional materials for durability and strength. If you like to experiment, on the other hand, you can bet on chairs with non-standard shapes in combination with a classic table. Such a combination will help you avoid the impression of chaos and will help you better expose the uniqueness of the chairs.

Wooden table with designer chairs
Pillar teak table combined with Wire chairs

If your dining space is in a particular style, you can bet on chairs that are designed with similar themes in mind. For example, if your dream is a boho interior, full of references to nature, bet on chairs made of rattan or wood.

When choosing dining chairs aesthetically, it is also important to maintain color consistency. Of course, it is not about monotony - the main elements in the form of chairs and table can contrast with each other, but it is worth remembering that the room is shared by several items maintained in a uniform color scheme.

Rules for combining colors

In the world of color, there are certain rules to bring order and relative order. The first method of combining colors is the so-called monochromatic combination. It involves combining different shades of the same color (for example, lime green with grass green, as well as bottle green). The main thing to pay attention to when applying this principle is that the combined colors should be within one ray on the color wheel. This method will work straightforwardly well in interiors in japandi or modern classic style.

Club sofa in retro style with pistachio stoneware table and green dresser

Another way of matching colors is related combining, which involves putting together colors that lie exactly next to each other on the color wheel. An excellent example of this is yellow, orange and red. This combination option can be helpful in boho interiors.

scandinavian style living room
Golden sofa in retro style among brown accessories

The last type of classical combination, is the principle of complementation. It involves combining opposite colors (for example, orange and blue). This method is based on contrast, but its use can have an excellent effect, for example, in art deco-inspired rooms.

pink coffee tables
Pink Block tables in a bold arrangement

In addition to the types of color combinations, it is also worth mentioning some complementary rules, for example, the golden three. This method is based on the use of only three colors in the interior. This is to maintain order and not to introduce too much confusion caused by color overwhelm. Also connected with this principle is the 60-30-10 method. This is an option in which the largest role is played by the percentage of a particular color in the entire interior.

According to this, 60% should include a so-called base color (preferably it should be neutral or easy to arrange). The base color includes elements such as the floor (it can be the color of the panels/tiles or even the carpet), the walls, and a minimum of two pieces of furniture. The primary color can be any color, but it is worth noting that it should be relatively easy to arrange. 30% is the area of secondary color. This is a shade whose task is to give depth and the proverbial , "life" to the room. The last component is 10%, which is called accent color. These are mainly accessories, textiles and ornaments.

white console in Scandinavian style
Pillar white console in pastel interior

How to combine different chair styles?

What not long ago seemed downright unacceptable, today creates interesting compositions from which it is difficult to take your eyes off. Contrasting colors or completely different forms can look great, provided they are arranged well. If you want to have modern, vintage and glamour style chairs in your dining room, try to make them have a common denominator - for example, in the form of one base color or material.

boho style dining room
Sahara wooden table in boho style arrangement

Another idea for combining different types of chairs is to use a technique that allows you to incorporate several colors into a room. To make sure that the colors don't clash with each other, creating a cluttered effect, you should introduce a patterned or multi-colored accessory into the interior, which will combine all the colors of the chairs. In this case, for example, a carpet or wallpaper can be a good idea. The upholstery of the chairs should reflect the colors found on the chosen piece. This way, your room consistent in color.

modern dining room white chairs wooden table
Atlas wooden table combined with light gray Uma chairs

A combination of different chair styles while maintaining consistent bases is also an option worth considering. To do this, just make sure that your chairs share a similar shape or frame color. This will allow you to experiment with upholstery colors.

modern dining room
Modern chairs from the Micadoni collection 

4 - Get inspired and explore the selected chair models available in our offer

The choice of chair model should depend on personal preferences. The best way to make a decision will be to study the available offer and carefully analyze all the "pros" and "cons" of a particular design. When choosing chairs for the dining room, it is worth taking into account all the above-mentioned advice, because appearance alone is definitely not enough. In Eye on Design's collection of chairs you will find many models that are sure to appeal to you.

Filicudi chair in green color with gold base

Filicudi is a chair designed by Marcantonio. The distinctive shape, inspired by prickly pear shoots, will bring a Mediterranean vibe to your interior. The elegant seat is supported by minimalist legs in gold color. Filicudi is one of those designs that cannot be passed by indifferently. It will find itself both in an avant-garde restaurant and in a modern dining room. What's more, it is also suitable for outdoor use and can be the main decorative element of a terrace.

green filicudi chair
Filicudi green chair

Roll & Roll chair with armrests

The chair from the Roll & Roll collection, designed by Katarzyna Jasyk, is distinguished by its form, and the unusual armrests and seat will bring a touch of extravagance to the interior. The upholstery is made of velour, while the seat and back are made of plywood and upholstery foam. The base is made of black powder-coated metal. It is an ideal addition not only to a dining room, living room or youth room, but also to a cafe or trendy clinic.

roll&roll chair with armrests in eclectic style
Striking Roll & Roll Chairs

Almond chair with gold base

Designer chair Almond is a 1970s-style elegance in a modern edition. The comfortable velvet fabric seat is combined with an unusual backrest and armrests, whose unique form adds lightness. This stylish design by Katarzyna Jasyk will be perfect for eclectic or retro interiors.

Chair with gold base Almond
Almond chair in gold color

Avant-garde Lipsticks chair in pink color

The original Lipsticks chair is distinguished from other models by its unusual motif. Both the shape of the chair and its workmanship refers to the Italian avant-garde of the 1950s. The combination of surrealism with classic elements makes the Lipsticks chair will delight with its appearance any lover of bold design. The use of vividly colored material enhances the effect of surrealism and perfectly harmonizes with the theme.

pink Seletti chair
Pink chair Lipsticks

Don't Stop The Webbing chair in black

The elegant Don't Stop The Webbing chair combines two seemingly radically different styles, namely retro and minimalism. The modern, well-detailed shape of the chair makes it not only great looking, but also very comfortable. The backrest made of natural rattan perfectly matches the whole design, giving it a vintage feel, while the dark beech wood contrasts with the whole in an interesting way and makes the chair chic and classy. 

Bold Monkey rattan back chair
Black Don't Stop The Webbing chair with rattan backrest

Chrome Wire chair in silver color

The distinctive wire design is one of the first things that strikes the eye in the context of the Wire chair. The timeless style in which the whole project has been maintained, makes the chair perfect for many arrangements. The minimalist base blends perfectly with the unusual seat, creating a cohesive whole. The somewhat austere atmosphere is enhanced by the silver color of the metal. The chair will be perfect for an interior decorated in the industrial style.

wire chrome chair Hkliving
Chrome Wire chairs at white Pillar table

Spike chair with rattan backrest

Unforced elegance and unconventional design - this is what the Spike chair is. The distinctive rattan backrest blends perfectly with the minimalist frame. The seat is made of practical stain-resistant fabric. Spike chair is a versatile solution that you can use both in the dining room, living room and in the study

Spike rattan back chair by Zuiver
Spike chairs at the black Pilar table

Dam chair in black

The Dam designer chair is made of high-quality wood, which makes it not only aesthetically pleasing, but above all resistant to damage. Elegance is mixed here with modern solutions, which can be seen, among other things, in the shape of the chair. Thanks to its original design, Dam can be a perfect complement to interiors in Scandinavian, modern classic, as well as modern style. The combination of natural wood and soft fabric warms up the somewhat austere atmosphere of the chair and makes using it a pure pleasure.

Black dining chair modern Dam Teulat
Designer Dam chairs by Cep black coffee table

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