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Article: Boho style - how to create an interior full of artistry?

Boho style - how to create an interior full of artistry?

Boho style - how to create an interior full of artistry?

Airy fabrics, materials of natural origin, as well as the ubiquitous splendor that together form a coherent whole - these are the characteristics of the boho style, which is gaining more and more popularity every year. If you also love nature and appreciate harmonious interiors, boho style can be a real hit for you. Don't wait and go to further reading now. 

jadapnia w stylu boho

1 - Where does the boho style come from?

Although the first associations of boho style in the vast majority of people wander to sunny, tropical islands, it is worth noting at the outset that the original boho originated from the bohemian Parisian art society. The 19th century was full of outstanding poets, actors, as well as musicians who loved to create unconventional combinations, often described as "incomprehensible." It was the French individualists known as , "La Boheme" who pioneered the style that inherited the name , "boho" from them.

The bohemians of the time were known primarily for their avoidance of norms (both social and artistic) - an element that is still noticeable today in interiors decorated in the boho style. At this point it should be added that before boho penetrated interior design, it was seen in painting, which then shared its discovery with the fashion industry. To this day, the style is not homogeneous (it has many iterations and subtypes), but over the years it has managed to evolve many times, while creating colorful spaces worthy of the masters of the brush.

boho chest of drawers

Another assumption about the origins of boho style is its evolution from the old ethno to today's bohemian, or boho for short. This is because in the past, ethno style referred to folklore in its broadest sense in general. Thus, in practice, this meant that the term ethno was used to describe both exotic varieties of folk style derived from the culture of a particular society, as well as all elements that are closer to us geographically. According to this concept, boho was supposed to separate itself precisely from this mixture of different (often contradictory) elements and emerge as a completely new, fully autonomous style. 

2 - Features of boho style 

As we mentioned, the original creators of this style did not like to pigeonhole their work and lock themselves into a certain framework, but nowadays it is possible to talk about a certain kind of determinants that make a given interior qualify as boho. Below we will introduce you to some of the most popular features of the boho style, which will help you to arrange your dream house or apartment.


One of the most important elements of boho style is color. Speaking of them, it is worth noting that the most optimal shades will be colors directly associated with nature. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself to only one base color - on the contrary! Boho style interiors love light forms and intense colors mixed with subdued colors referring to vegetation, stones, as well as earth. Among the most frequently mentioned colors that fit the boho style are gray, green, yellow, brown, as well as shades of brown and beige. The boho style is all about contact with nature and authenticity. It aims to provide a balance, a kind of golden mean, which is so difficult to find in the age of ubiquitous substitutes and mass production. 

Corduroy living room sofa
Corduroy sofa in brick color, referring to the natural shades found in nature


Another important aspect to keep in mind is the selection of appropriate materials. Interiors decorated in boho style should, above all, relate to the surrounding environment. With this in mind, it is therefore not difficult to guess that the most optimal materials will be those of natural origin such as, among others: 


The most classic, and therefore also desirable material, which is characterized not only by excellent durability, but also by great design. Nowadays, natural wood is one of the noble materials - in practice, this means that furniture, accessories and finishing products made of real wood, stand out from other such elements, and also make the whole interior more valuable.

Rooms decorated in the boho style outright love wooden details, in almost any form. As for the specific type of wood, oak, bamboo, as well as fine pine will work perfectly.

Oak coffee table
Oak coffee table is the perfect addition to a boho style living room


Wicker is a popular material, known for many generations. Although wicker has had its ups and downs over the years, it must be admitted that it is a material that fits right in with the Boho vibe. To create wicker, young shoots of several species of willow are necessary. It is particularly important that these shoots are properly processed, so that they become more flexible, as well as durable. The very term , "wicker" sometimes refers to a particular species of tree, specifically the purple willow.

HKliving wicker side table
Wicker side table is a functional addition next to the sofa in the living room


Wool belongs to a type of natural protein fiber. In fact, it is the hair coat of sheep (sometimes lambs as well), which is characterized by its flakiness and excellent thermal insulation. Interestingly, wool fiber contains lanolin, a kind of wax produced by the skin of sheep.

In practice, lanolin is the sebum from the sheep's skin and is treated as a by-product secreted during the production of wool, but it is worth noting that lanolin has many uses in the cosmetic industry, as well as in pharmaceuticals. Wool will work well both as upholstery for a piece of furniture, and as a separate addition to the home in the form of a boho-style rug, for example.

Wool carpet will make the interior cozy


Flax is a material extracted from plants of the flax family (currently estimated to include about 180 plant species). Common flax is treated as a fiber plant, and it is from it that the popular fabric of the same name is most often produced.

Fabrics made from flax are ideal for people who suffer from various allergies, as well as for anyone who appreciates its natural texture. Linen material is characterized primarily by softness, breathability, resistance to friction and other factors that can potentially damage its surface, as well as high moisture absorption. Another important feature of linen is its biodegradability.

lamp with linen shade
A lamp with a linen shade among other decorations creates an interesting boho-style arrangement


Cotton is a material that needs no introduction to anyone. What it stands out about is, first of all, its high tensile strength, relatively easy availability and heat resistance. Interestingly, the cotton material is up to 30% more stretchy after wetting. Thanks to its properties, cotton can be washed in the washing machine without any worries, as well as dried in the sun or in the dryer (according to the manufacturer's recommendations). The cotton finish, which is great for example in the living room, is characterized by softness and comfort.

cotton bedspread brown
Cotton bedspread in brown color will add coziness to the interior

In addition, it is also worth remembering to keep the right forms - all interior design elements should be fairly consistent, but do not be afraid to combine patterns or colors. Interiors decorated in boho style are mainly characterized by delicacy, but among them you can still see characteristic ethnic motifs.

Currently, these types of elements are most often seen on textiles such as carpets, pillows, or bedspreads and blankets, but it is also worth remembering about accessories in the form of free-standing home decorations - they, too, should refer in their appearance to the theme.


The patterns present in the boho style are mainly kept in folk themes. Sometimes the folklore also applies to the tropics and exotic communities. A perfect example illustrating this relationship are embossed fabrics with Aztec rhombuses or distinctive African masks hanging on the walls.

Inspiration from colorful Morocco or cozy Bali, where handicrafts reign supreme, may also prove to be an interesting idea. Regardless of which of the above solutions you bet on, remember that the boho style does not have to be perfectly matched - you can freely combine elements and play with individual trends. Interestingly, intense patterns are also a great idea for finishing your kitchen or dining room.

wallpaper with boho style patterns
Boho style can also be introduced into the interior with the help of designer wallpaper

3 - Different faces of boho style

As we mentioned at the very beginning, boho style is not homogeneous. This means that it can be found in different forms and faces. Depending on the mainstream prevailing decor, boho style can present itself in a completely different way. It is also worth noting that the boho style can prove to be a great base for further arranging rooms and mixing them with other popular styles. Below you will find a brief description of the most popular varieties of boho style.

Scandi boho

As the name suggests, Scandi Boho is a style that was created by combining two of the most popular interior design styles today: Scandinavian and bohemian. Although at first it may seem that the main ideas of these two extreme types of decor are mutually exclusive, it turns out that the coolness coming straight from the Scandinavian peninsula perfectly blends with a slightly hippie frenzy, creating amazing combinations that are hard to pass by indifferently.

The main difficulty in creating an interior in the scandi boho style is the skillful selection of individual elements, directly associated with the aesthetic. Matching a neutral color palette and exotic or rustic accessories, however, does not have to be so difficult, when you have at hand a huge number of inspirations and accessories that can prove to be simply indispensable when rearranging your rooms.

scnadi boho living room
Wilkin coffee table will add coziness to a scandi boho style living room

Classic boho

Classic boho is still based on ethnic elements and natural materials, about which you could read more in the earlier part of the article. The combination of airy fabrics, various textiles and furniture created from wood (or derived materials) is the key to creating an interior in the boho style. Vibrant colors, macramé and all kinds of ornaments that you associate with the freedom provided by the bohemian style will work perfectly here.

Classic boho will work well in almost all rooms, starting with the bedroom and ending with the bathroom.

Boho style chest of drawersRattan cabinet is a great addition to a boho style interior

4 - What to follow when decorating an interior in boho style?

When deciding to furnish rooms in boho style, you should pay particularly great attention to how great a role accessories play. Carpets, bedspreads, as well as all kinds of soft coverings will make your home not only definitely more cozy, but also more comfortable. Natural seagrass baskets will do a great job as a decorative element, but they can also be treated as additional storage space for items you don't want to keep in proverbial view.

Interestingly, it is also increasingly common to see the use of the aforementioned basket as a pot cover. Wanting to add a bit more of a hippie look to your interior, you can also bet on ceramics in their classic, that is, unpainted form - such accessories will allow you to create a unique atmosphere reserved for boho-style interiors.


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